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Macross Delta Scramble Features Idol Supports For The Fighters During Dogfights



    Bandai Namco has provided the latest on their upcoming PS Vita flight action shooter Macross Delta Scramble with a look at its fighters and the idols that will provide support during dogfights.



    The Main Missions will put you in scenarios from the original story but you’ll get to take on the missions using your own team.



    The Extra Missions go beyond the original work with high-difficulty missions that you’ll get to take on.



    The “Briefing” part is where the game will give you simple explanations for the mission objectives.



    The “Setting” menu is where you’ll get to set up fighters for yourself and allies, along with support units.



    The battles consist of missiles flying everywhere as part of the 3D action shooter.



    You’ll occasionally see events occur during missions. Allies and enemies both appear through these events.



    Upon completing a mission you’ll be rewarded with cash and experience points.


    The three-stage transformations of the Variable Fighters will allow you to fight with different play-styles with their own characteristics.



    The Fighter mode is used for its high speed to approach enemy units. This mode is good for getting the first shot on the target while flying around.



    Gerwalk mode is for shooting down enemy units and facilities while still flying. It specializes in dealing heavy firepower damage from a fixed point.



    And the third form is the Battroid mode, which is used for close-ranged combat. It’s a form used to intercept missiles and fight with melee attacks.







    Macross Delta Scramble features a new mix of songs and action. It boasts high-quality animated cutscenes featuring the idols who perform their music to provide battle BGM along with different power-ups.


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    In addition to the idols and pilots of Macross Delta, there will be others from throughout the series which you can use to create a unit of five that will provide support as the Valkyrie unit.


    And finally, here’s a look at a bunch of new screenshots:


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    28495565672_3ff14eb59e_o 28317987920_c3a0244ef3_o

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    28569808846_512bfc4629_o 28495564422_7b646b886f_o


    Macross Delta Scramble will release in Japan on October 20, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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