Madden NFL 11 was last month’s top selling game with 1.81 million units sold on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the NPD does not include PC sales, a statement from the group says Starcraft II would be the second best selling game of the month with over 300,000 units sold at retail. Mario titles continue to sell strong with three games starring the mushroom eating plumber in the top ten.


The big surprise here is New Super Mario Bros., a four year old Nintendo DS game jumped up to fifth place with 110,000 units sold.


01.Madden NFL 11920.8KAug-10360Electronic Arts
02.Madden NFL 11893.6KAug-10PS3Electronic Arts
03.Super Mario Galaxy 2124.6KMay-10WiiNintendo
04.Mafia II121.6KAug-10360Take Two
05.New Super Mario Bros.110.4KMay-06DSNintendo
06.New Super Mario Bros. Wii– –Nov-09WiiNintendo
07.Mafia II– –Aug-10PS3Take Two
08.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2– –Nov-09360Acitivision Blizzard
09.NCAA Football 11– –Jul-10360Electronic Arts
10.Wii Fit Plus– –Oct-09WiiNintendo


Total video game software sales for the month were $818.9 million, down 10% from August 2009 when Madden NFL 10 and Batman: Arkham Asylum were released.


Xbox 360 moved 356,700 units, which made it the top selling system two months in a row. The NPD expects Xbox 360 sales to increase further this month with the release of Halo Reach. PlayStation 3 sales beat July’s numbers with 226,000 units, but lag slightly behind Wii’s 244,300 units. Even though the Nintendo 3DS is on the horizon, Nintendo DS continues to sell strong with 342,700 units. PSP sales were 79,400 units.

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