Nintendo 3DS

Magi Will Join Us In The New World Next Year On The 3DS



Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is getting a Nintendo 3DS RPG  next year. The game is a 3D, third-person dungeon crawler, and will allow players to control various characters from the series such as Aladdin and Hakuryuu Ren.


Magi is set in a loosely interpreted re-imagining of the old Middle East regions and area surrounding it where the idea of the cycle of life and death is real.


All living things have a Rukh lifesource which, once extinguished, returns to the Lifestream Rukh flow to be given to a new lifeform. While some will fall away from the path, others can control their Rukh to empower magic or even utilize the magics of others. Those who can do the latter are termed Magi, and titular Aladdin is one of them. There are also dungeons and castles scattered through the world, ruled over by powerful Djinn’s. Anyone able to overcome the challenges inside are called Dungeon Capturers, gaining the allegiance of the Djinn residing there and the ability to summon the powers of that dungeon for themselves and others.


Magi: A New World will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan next February the 13th.