Magic Scroll Tactics Requires Strategic Sidescrolling Movement To Achieve Victory


Magic Scroll Tactics is a tactical game that eliminates many possible angles by playing on a 2D plane, giving players only a few directions to have to worry about their enemies coming from. Not that this has lessened its challenge, though.


Magic Scroll Tactics will have players summoning an army of familiars in order to beat back those who would use magic for evil. These characters, from lizard knights to cat thieves to angels,will be guided along a 2D plane, with players watching their attack range to ensure that they can hit their enemies with distance or melee attacks. This may cut down on the possible avenues of attack players will need to watch out for, but the developers use this as an excuse to make the game very challenging, which can be seen in the game’s available demo.

As characters survive battles, they will gain points that will let them unlock new abilities, making them more useful in combat.


Magic Scroll Tactics is currently in development in both Japanese and English. Interested players can follow its development by signing up for its newsletter.

Alistair Wong
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