Magica x Magica Was Made To Be The Saddest Side-Scrolling Shooter Ever



Korea-based studio Magic Cube Games has released fairytale shooter Magica x Magica on iOS and Android. It’s available for $0.99.


Magic Cube aimed to make Magica x Magica the “saddest shooter” possible. Hence, it’s storyline involves a magical girl trying to rescue her kidnapped friend. This is realized as a side-scrolling 2D shooter down an endless corridor in which you use the girl’s magical staff to cast spells at the various colorful creatures that would stop her. You also need to dodge incoming bullets by jumping over them.


As you progress you’ll get the chance to buy eight different and upgradeable magical weapons. They’ll come in handy when you try to take on the game’s bosses, which includes a large wizened wizard.

Chris Priestman