Magical Eyes – Red Is For Anguish Will Have Players Seeing Red March 30



A thriller visual novel is coming to Steam this month. Fruitbat Factory and Pomera Studios’ Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish will arrive on Windows PCs on March 30, 2016.


Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish begins with an uneasy and mysterious incident. A man’s arm was cut off, and he claims a doll that he had in his store was the one who did it. No one saw what happened, but the doll and the arm both disappeared. The player and Chiharu, a friend from school, go around town investigating what seem to be supernatural incidents. If you make correct deductions and provide the right answers, you earn additional stories.


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Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish will be $14.99. People playing on Steam will be able to earn achievements and Steam Trading Cards. Fruitbat Factory is offering a 10% pre-order discount on its official store, dropping the price to $13.49.

Jenni Lada
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