Maidens of a Hollow Dream Is A Loincloth-Focused Shmup


Maidens of a Hollow Dream is a shmup that’s focused on loincloths, having players blast members of the opposing academies in a Beautiful Warriors Contest while trying to maintain the poise (and grip) needed to keep their maebari on.


Mankind has been destroyed, giant beasts roam the land, and yet, somehow, the art club from Tsukishiro Academy still manages to be lazy and useless. To justify their club and keep it from being disbanded, its members will have to win a contest that involves battling the members of other academies through sidescrolling shmup action, blasting their opponents to bits.

The contest in Maidens of a Hollow Dream will have players controlling two different characters, swapping between them as needed. While using these characters to shoot down foes, they will build an Alchemy Aura around their character that turns enemy shots into gems. Collecting these will fill a magic gauge that allows players to launch special Friendship Attacks that will clear the screen and help the characters get a little closer to one another. There is no mention of whether there are any mechanics tied to maintaining the poise needed to keep the maebari in place, though.


Maidens of a Hollow Dream offers an experience system that allows players to channel high scores into stronger powers and attacks, allowing players to steadily grow in strength over the course of play.

Maidens of a Hollow Dream is listed as “Coming Soon” on its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!