Make Clever Use Of Skills, Rather Than Level Up, To Win In RPG Nadia Was Here



A young mage notices the signs for an oncoming time loop, the same that, every century, erases all that is and all that will be. In his efforts to stop it, he’ll meet two more heroes in Nadia Was Here, an RPG where all weapons and skills never become obsolete.




Grinding for experience will be unnecessary in Nadia Was Here. Players will gain new skills from completing quests, and weapons they gain will never be useless as each will have properties that will always help in certain combat situations. It’s up to the player to assess the enemies they’re fighting and put their skills to the smartest uses, preying on weaknesses to succeed.




Players can strengthen certain abilities they use frequently using dust they collect from weakened enemies, but there is a limited amount of dust they can gain on any one playthrough, so they will have to choose carefully. Enemies are also visible on the map, so if players don’t feel they have the right abilities to win, they can attempt to avoid combat.




The dungeons the player explores while trying to close the time loop are designed to be unique puzzle-solving experience, with each containing its own themes and mechanics.




Nadia Was Here is raising development funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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