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Make The Most Of Grand Kingdom’s Mercenary’s Skills


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The Grand Kingdom beta doesn’t give participants access to all 13 characters. You can make new fighters, hunters, medics, and witches. While that is a little restrictive, you can do quite a bit with what you’re given, especially since each one of the party members learns some pretty helpful and powerful abilities within the first few levels. If someone’s coming around every day of the beta, they could easily get their band of mercenaries to at least level seven.


People will want to use their Fighter as a damage dealer and tank. He can guard at any time after moving and attacking, putting up a defensive front. This can be worn down, depending on how many action points he had when he assumed the guard stance. Seeing as how his Auto Guard stance kicks in after using up all his actions, this may not be very long. Of his attacks, I find Sword Pierce most helpful, as it deals 50% more damaged to ranged units and the Fighter can easily run up to those back-row units.


While many of his attacks are actions that will chain together in a combo, he has two exceptionally helpful support skills. My fighter had the innate ability Heal Cure. Once you start heading into War skirmishes, you’ll come across other players with Hunters and Medics that have attacks that can poison. Heal Cure heals any status effects when the Fighter is healed. He also has a Self-Heal ability that restores 20% of his own HP. Both do a wonderful job of keeping him safe.


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The Hunter has been, for me, Grand Kingdom’s clean-up unit. Mine was rather slow, so he’d always act after every other member of the party. He’d always be either stopping a mage’s spell or defeating an enemy someone else failed to finish off. Since he has Friendly Fire, which keeps allies’ attacks from damaging him, I always paired him with the Witch. They could swap positions back and forth on the field, and if she accidentally hit him with Lightning, it’d be fine.


He also has two skills that are fantastic for last minute saves. One is Poisoned Arrow. This, predictably, inflicts damage and may poison. I recommend it against any non-Fighter unit, since it might not penetrate a Fighter’s Guard. The other is Charge Hunting, which is fantastic against Witches. (Or any unit charging an attack, to be honest.) It halts the charge and increases dealt damage by 80% when you use it on a character preparing for an attack.


Grand Kingdom’s Medic is my favorite character, mainly because she’s well rounded and so utterly annoying. She’s great for both attacking and supporting. When attacking, her Acid Throw and Poison Throw are amazing. Both are arcing attacks, so she can stay protected behind another row of allies and still deal damage. They also have an area of effect. It’s wonderful.


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She’s also perfect for keeping people healthy and unhealthy. Her Heal Potion, if executed just right, has an area of effect that could heal her and the unit ahead of her, or two units in front of her. Her Attack Mist increases the attack of anyone who walks over it. That works on allies and enemies though, so it’s best to use around your own units. She can also boost the team’s resistances with Resist Zone and send out a Poison Mist that blocks off a spot in the lane and poisons anyone who walks through it. Medics are plain wonderful.


Finally, there’s the Witch. She’s a character that actually makes for a pretty good leader, provided she knows Troop ATK Up. That means everyone’s attack is increased by 5% when she’s leading the assault. She’s great thanks to her devastating spells. While Lightning takes a few turns to charge, the generic Fire Spell is great for bouncing enemies around and dealing substantial damage. I also like her Enemy Profiling, a support skill which reveals a random enemy’s skills.


In fact, the Witch works really well as a crowd control unit in the Grand Kingdom beta. Her Flame Mist sets a small portion of the battlefield aflame. It’s not a bad idea to spend her first turn blocking off lanes, to punish anyone who tries to get close to her. I like to leave one lane clear, for the Fighter and Medic to use. It’s a pretty big help, especially when facing enemy units at a higher level.


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You can do a lot with Grand Kingdom’s first four units. I’ve even seen a few parties in battles that have two Fighters, one Hunter, and one Medic, as well as one that had two Fighters and two Witches. While we don’t get as many options as we will in the full game, you can still prepare a pretty versatile group.


The Grand Kingdom closed PlayStation 4 beta begins today, May 3, 2016, and will run until May 10, 2016.  The full game come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe on June 17, 2016, then arrive in North America on June 21, 2016.

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