Make Time For Romance Or Crime In 80’s Themed VN Ghosts Of Miami



Ghosts of Miami is an 80’s-themed visual novel that will have players working to solve mysteries or getting sidetracked by various romantic interests.



In Dade Country, people disappear daily for various reasons. That bothers Chelo Martínez, who intends to find all of these missing people across five different cases. She will need the player’s help, though, as through their decisions, they will be able to find clues and information that will help bring these people home, as well as explore various romantic options that open up across the investigation. It will be up to the player to decide how to invest Chelo’s time, keeping her on track while also finding love.




A demo is available for Ghosts of Miami on The game is raising votes on Steam Greenlight and hopes to release this Summer.

Alistair Wong
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