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Making The Most Of God Wars: Future Past


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God Wars: Future Past is very much a strategic-RPG in the vein of classic tactical adventures like Final Fantasy Tactics. Grinding is a mandatory affair. You want to have particular builds in mind for characters, because you want to unlock certain jobs, then get extra JP and experience to earn even more jobs and skills. Why? So you can be in a better place for the after-the-end adventures.


To start, you want to get skills that will make the whole leveling experience easier. It will take a lot of time, but giving everyone the Priest role as their main or sub job is a big help. One of the first skills on its skill tree is Proficiency. If you collect 1,500 JP, then you can take this skill to its third level and get a 50% boost in JP when that passive ability is equipped. Though, even the first level is a big help for 440 JP, as it gives you a 10% JP increase.


You’ll also want to focus on strengthening Kaguya. Her Mochizuki unique job has a skill called Princess of War. This is a passive skill that increases her stats as she improves other classes. Get her to level ten in each of these jobs and she’ll basically be a battle goddess. Combine that with the Celestial class and its Guest Star ability, and she will be able to do massive damage to every enemy on the map at once.


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Keeping track of the available jobs is important too. There are 23 classes in God Wars: Future Past. You can make characters Archers, Barrierists, Celestials, Champions, Chanters, Confucians, Daredevils, Elementals, Herculeans, Hunters, Incantors, Magicians, Maidens, Monks, Priests, Ritualists, Samurai, Shintoists, Spiritualists, Tengus, Warriors, and Warrioresses. Each one focuses on attacking enemies, Here is how you get each one.


  • Archer – Warrior at level six.
  • Barrierist – Monk and Shintoist at level eight.
  • Celestial – Spiritualist at level eight.
  • Champion – Celestial and Daredevil at level eight.
  • Chanter – Barrierist and Confucian at level eight.
  • Confucian – Incantor at level eight.
  • Daredevil – Archer and Samurai both at level eight.
  • Elemental – Incantor and Spiritualist at level eight.
  • Herculean – Samurai at level eight.
  • Hunter – Archer at level eight.
  • Incantor – Magician at level six.
  • Magician – Immediately available.
  • Maiden – Female characters with Shintoist at level eight.
  • Monk – Priest at level six.
  • Priest – immediately available.
  • Ritualist – Male characters with Shintoist at level eight.
  • Samurai – Warrior at level six.
  • Shinobi – Monk at level eight.
  • Shintoist – Priest at level six.
  • Spiritualist – Magician at level six.
  • Tengu – Elemental, Hunter, and Monk at level eight.
  • Warrior – Immediately available.
  • Warrioress – Daredevil and Maiden at level eight.


So what happens when you beat God Wars: Future Past? Well, you get taken back to the world map in your last save so you can go ahead and prepare people for the two additional scenarios that will be released for free on June 27 and July 5, 2017. You can visit every shrine and take any quests that you may have missed or that can be repeated, improving characters. If your characters are at a high enough level, you could even turn on the Auto Battle functionality and


With God Wars: Future Past, you have a game that tempts you. There is so much to do here. You have such diversity when it comes to classes. Especially since each character has a unique class, which dictates what sort of build might be right for them, and spaces for a main and sub job. It is important to do all you can to make the most of everything available, especially so you can be ready for the bonus DLC scenarios.


God Wars: Future Past is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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