Making The Most Of Plutia And Peashy In Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3

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Next week, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth V Generation is going to come to Windows PCs for the first time. It’s quite an occasion, since it’s the first time the game is coming to computers, but also because it adds two new, playable CPU goddesses. People will be able to use Plutia and Peashy if all goes well, and this should hopefully offers some tips on how to use both characters effectively.


Plutia is the Planeptune CPU goddess and can transform into Iris Heart. She’s loosely based on both a Sega prototype console known as the Pluto and the Sega Mega Drive. In terms of character potential, she’s something of a glass cannon. She uses her stuffed toys in her normal form and a katana when she transforms.


Since she’s really low on vitality, magic defense, and movement range, someone playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth V Generation may be tempted to rely on other CPUs and maybe keep her in reserve. This is an option, but an even better decision is to keep Plutia on the backlines. There are no class systems in this game, but she’s a definite mage. She probably has the highest magic power stat in this installment, so work with that. Rely on attacks that tap into her magical abilities and you’ll do great. Some example skills that work well are the Fall!, Plutie Break!, and elemental spells in Power Combos, the Ya, ya! and Plutie Hit! attacks in Rush Combos, and Punishment! and Break! attacks in Break Combos. Her Megadaptor and Megamodelta! intelligence boosting SP Skills are fantastic too, as are her SP Skill healing abilities.




Peashy is the other CPU new to the series and wears many hats. She references many systems, though she primarily is the anthropomorphic version of the TurboGrafx-16, also known as the PC Engine. If you also want to say she could represent PCs, that’s fine too. Neptune also gives her the name P-ko, which is a reference to Sega’s Pico device for kids. She’s the youngest and smallest console goddess and fights with her fists.


Her stats and abilities in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth3 tie in to this. Since she’s small, she has fantastic movement in battle, and she’s also very agile and strong. She’s a good character to bring in and immediately send after the strongest enemy, because she’ll act quickly, reach them before anyone else, and be able to hit them hard. Since she is a child, though, her intelligence and mentality stats suffer, so it’s best to have her avoid magic-wielding opponents and using spells.


Fortunately, Peashy doesn’t really have too many magic attacks to speak of. Her elemental punches for her Power Combos are the only magic-based combo skills she has, so maybe avoid using Blast Punch, Flame Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch. The same goes for her SP Skills. Her Dropkick is a fantastic SP Skill attack. She also is a pretty good supporter too, with her Guard Up and Virtual Cushion abilities working to raise an ally’s physical and magical defenses.


In fact, Plutia and Peashy play well off of each other. Their support skills cover each others’ weaknesses, for one. Plus, sending Peashy off to run in and deal damage like a little rogue or ninja lets Plutia hide on the backlines. A good “third” for a party with these two characters would be Blanc. Lowee’s CPU is known for being a “tank” in the series, meaning she has really high defense. Blanc doesn’t have the highest attack, but if you hide Plutia behind Blanc and Peashy in a battle, let Plutia and Peashy use magical and physical attacks, Blanc can use defensive buffs on the other two like mentality-raising Mental Support and strength and vitality-raising Andis Support.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 V Generation is going to come to Windows PCs on October 30.

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