imageRemember Ancient? A long time ago, the small studio made games like Beyond Oasis and Actraiser II. Now they’re making Hitman Reborn fighting games for Marvelous and Mamotte Knight.


Mamotte Knight is a throwback to the NES era with nostalgic graphics and chiptunes. Don’t let your eyes fool you, Mamotte Knight is being made for the Xbox 360’s Indie Games platform.


Players can pick one of four characters: amazon, knight, mage, and a shirtless ninja. Grab your friends because the four heroes can work together and protect the potty mouth princess who says, in English, “Defeat f$%kin’ goblins!”


The trailer (kindly sent to us by Denpa no Sekai and Gamerbytes) makes it look like a blend of a defense game and Gauntlet. Mamotte Knight is scheduled for a spring release and since it’s downloadable it will be available internationally.



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