The Man Came Around Asks What Principles Players Will Abandon To Survive



The nation of Occida is caught up in a turmoil, with the government and protestors clashing as it heads toward a dictatorship. Five people choose to try to escape this situation, only to find themselves in a difficult survival situation in The Man Came Around.




The only path to escape in The Man Came Around is by crossing the Northern Border, which is heavily guarded and located in an icy wasteland. Players will have to manage scarce resources, use their group’s skills in smart ways, avoid detection, and make difficult moral decisions to ensure their group’s survival.


Players will have to decide whether to be morally right or stay alive as they make many decisions. Players may have to choose to give up innocents to dangerous people, make shady deals with criminals, sacrifice party members, and do other things they may not want to. These decisions will also put pressure on the group, with stress and guilt putting pressure on the citizen’s minds, affecting aspects of their character.




Characters who die cannot be revived, so players will want to be cautious with their decisions. Still, in the wasteland, players may find themselves killed in a fluke avalanche, frozen by winds, or meet other horrible ends depending on what route the player takes. Only one person needs to survive for the player to win, though, so it will be fully up to the player whether each risk is worth it.


The Man Came Around is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with a demo available there as well.

Alistair Wong
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