PlayStation 3

Man Up And Hit The Books In Be A Man! Samurai School. Or Else…


No MANLY MAN will ever be able to live down an insult to their intelligence and strength. But then, how do we convince the world that we are not just angry at having to constantly fight in arenas stuffed full of electric traps, spikes and rotating chain blades? But rather, refined, intelligent and—dare I say—cultured men.


Well, we go to school, of course. Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man! will have moments scattered throughout daily school life where you’ll be tasked with completing mini-games to train yourself in disciplining yourself.



There’s the starter, which is getting marching right. You’ll have to march to the beat of a minor rhythm game, for instance, and also use a rhythm game to control your breathing during the breathing exercises portion.




During class, you’ll be tasked to do INTELLIGENT things, like the multiplication tables, or the dreaded… Engrish. Make sure you get it right. Because if you don’t…






Or If you make the instructor—a man known only as Aviator Cap—angry, and he’ll have to give you some correctional training. Which can be anything, really. From having to survive being boiled in a vat of oil without disrupting a burning candle till it naturally tapers off, to lifting up and holding steady a vat of oil with a burning candle diabolically balanced on a small piece of driftwood. This is completely normal for us, by the way. We do this because we’re REALLY INTELLIGENT, MANLY MEN.


Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man! will be out for PlayStation 3, 27th February next year.