Mana Series Designer-Led Studio Brownies To Return To Making Console Games



As part of 4Gamer’s year-end interview with game developers, they recently caught up with game studio Brownies president Shinichi Kameoka, who was also the character designer for the Mana series and the producer of Mother 3. He remarked that the studio will be shifting focus back to console titles, rather than mobile games.


As a reminder, Brownies was founded by Kameoka back in 2013, when he split off from his original studio Brownie Brown, which was restructured into 1-UP Studio under Nintendo. After working on Fantasy Life: Link! for the Nintendo 3DS, Brownies has been working on mobile titles such as Seventh Rebirth and Egglia: Legend of the Redcap, the latter of which received a story continuation this year in the form of Egglia: The Final Egg.


Here’s Kameoka’s teaser for 2019 below:

“In 2018, Brownies’ first completely original smartphone game, Egglia, saw its story reach its conclusion, while our debut smartphone app Seventh Rebirth is also set to end service in March next year. It feels as if a chapter of Brownies history is over.

For 2019, in something like the start of a new chapter, we will be forging a new path by returning to console titles, and will be making “game-like” titles like we used to before.

Please look forward to the start of this new chapter in 2019.”


Currently, we only know that Brownies has a Nintendo Switch game in the works. In the past, Kameoka remarked to Famitsu he found the running of an ongoing game like Egglia troublesome, and would rather focus on making consumer titles. The Switch was chosen as it was easy to develop for and as it didn’t require high-end graphics. Furthermore, the title will not be an RPG, but rather a character raising game.

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