ManaCollect Is A Japanese Studio’s “Mix Of Minesweeper And Fighting Games”



Publisher Fruitbat Factory is bringing Japanese game studio Tazigen Clock’s action-puzzler ManaCollect to Steam this spring.


ManaCollect is a competitive take on Minesweeper. It has two players running around trying to collect hidden mana on a grid-based arena before their opponent can. Once enough mana has been collected you can launch attacks against your competitor.


It has a single player campaign consisting of four chapters, 10 playable characters, four difficulty settings, two-player local multiplayer, as well as Dungeon and Tournament modes.



“I see ManaCollect as an interesting mix of Minesweeper and fighting games. Instead of casually figuring out the locations of mana spots, now you have to run through the numbers as fast as you can before your opponents gets ahead and gathers enough mana to unleash her devastating attacks,” said the game’s artist Ozhan Sen.


As you’ll see in the trailer above, in between battles, there are short conversation scenes between the game’s characters that sets up the reason for their conflict.

Chris Priestman