Manage A Guild, Pull Off Heists In Newly Announced Killers And Thieves



Alex Thomas, the creative director on Stoic’s strategy-RPG The Banner Saga, has announced a new project called Killers and Thieves.


It puts you in control of a thieves guild who looks to steal riches from an “old and corrupt city.” To this end, you recruit randomly generated thugs and crooks that you work to turn into “master thieves and skilled assassins with unique abilities, traits and appearances.”


The city blocks are procedurally generated, so you have to plan carefully when trying to pull off heists among them – if you don’t then your guild members will end up in prison or be killed. Luckily, you can control multiple thieves at once and in real-time.



As you steal gold, you can spend it on growing your guild’s headquarters, and upgrading thieves. However, you need to make sure you also cover costs, otherwise you’ll lose property and personnel. And if you don’t uphold your strength then enemies will pounce on your territory.


Killers and Thieves is a side-project led by Thomas, who is still working at Stoic, but having a break to refresh his palate after working on The Banner Saga. The other members of the studio are still working on The Banner Saga 2.


The plan is to ship Killers and Thieves in 2016 on PC. It could come to other platforms too, but that will be based on demand, so make some noise if you want it on consoles. Find out more about the game on its website and especially its FAQ.

Chris Priestman