Manage A Band And Your Undead Crushes With Vampire Idol



Vampire Idol puts the player in charge of a band of vampires, helping them succeed in music while giving in to their romantic interests with each of the five characters.


Vampire Idol (Android) - 02


The player acts as a female agent, one who’s just been appointed to Korea’s top boy band, The Vampir. It’s exciting for the player’s character, although a bit daunting after meeting the members of the band and dealing with their varied attitudes. Things only get more complicated when the player finds out about their vampirism, having to deal with that, their musical work, and the budding attractions between her and the band members.


Players will help manage the band, but much of their focus will be spent of getting to know the individual members. Depending on their attitudes, the player will want to treat them differently to help them succeed with their undead music. Not only that, this will help the player know how to treat each member in order to get closer to them, learning about their likes and dislikes in order to better romance them.




Vampire Idol features multiple endings that depend on how the player acts throughout the game, so players are encouraged to try multiple routes to see how many of the boys they can wrap around their finger over time. If players are doing well throughout the game, though, they may receive a voiced phone call from the member they are bonding with, too.


Vampire Idol is available now on Android.

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