Manage A School Of Sentient Pineapples In No Pineapple Left Behind



Ever go to school with a pineapple? If you answered “yes” to that question, I’m guessing that an evil wizard must have also turned up at your school and turned all the kids into pineapples. That’s what happens in No Pineapple Left Behind, at least.


This wacky school management game has you playing as the principal of a school of pineapples based in Boston. It’s the next game from Neocolonialism developer Subaltern Games.


“Pineapples are very simple. All they do is take tests and get grades. If they get good grades, the school gets more money,” writes founder of Subaltern Games Seth Alter.


The idea, then, is to ensure that all of the pineapples stay in line. If you don’t, it’s possible that they’ll sneak off and turn back into children. As you know, children are much more complicated than pineapples, and therefore not easy for the school to make money from.


Yes, there is a slight dig at the school system here; it turns out that Alter considers No Pineapple Left Behind to be a response to his old teaching job.


An alpha trailer for No Pineapple Left Behind was recently released and you can watch it at the top of this article. If you’re after more information on No Pineapple Left Behind then you can turn to the developer’s website.

Chris Priestman