Manage Warring Cults & Prepare A Sacrifice In The Shrouded Isle



Players must keep an island’s inhabitants fed and sheltered despite their constant bickering, but also choose a sacrifice from among them to appease the ancient gods who live beneath the nearby waters in cult management simulator The Shrouded Isle.




Five different families, procedurally generated from a selection of personalities, relationships, virtues, and vices, must all coexist on the island. It’s up to the player to make sure that happens, balancing power across all of the warring families, or the awakening of the Old Ones will be the least of their problems.


Should the player keep the families in check, they will be called upon to make a sacrifice to the ancient Gods to keep them from awakening. After sacrificing the child of one of the families, though, expect that family to become much, much more difficult to deal with in the following period.




The Shrouded Isle will be releasing for PC on Steam in February 2017.

Alistair Wong
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