Manipulate Landscapes To Explore A Surreal Grayscale World In Path to Mnemosyne


Path to Mnemosyne will have players walking through bizarre, surreal landscapes filled with unsettling imagery, turning the world so they can keep moving forward in this eerie third person platformer.


In Path to Mnemosyne, players will control a young woman moving through a grayscale cavern, running past the strange things she finds as they try to find a path through this underground nightmare. Players are able to walk on any route that has a path, though, which will mean turning the environment in order to create a way forward for the young woman.

Players will also tangle with some strange puzzles, as well as the ever-changing surreal landscapes filled with skulls, alien hives, cave-like pupils, and other jarring sights. The game’s trailer hints at some of the discomforting music that will play along this adventure, looking to create a creeping sense of unease throughout the game.


Path to Mnemosyne is slated to release in 2018. Players can follow its development by heading to its developer’s site.

Alistair Wong
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