MapleStory 2 Trailer Shows An Expansive World



Nexon’s upcoming MMORPG sequel, MapleStory 2, is distinctly different from its predecessor. The above trailer, helpfully subtitled on x3TheAran59’s YouTube channel, shows different parts of the world around Victoria Island and some of the characters you’ll encounter.


The most obvious change is that it’s no longer a 2D, side-scrolling game. Instead it’s a full 3D affair, and if it looks distinctively blockish, it’s because the game will allow players to manipulate parts of the world.



Characters will be able to roam freely around though on the block-terrain, which also includes familiar foes such as the Mushrooms and piggies of the first game.


Players can create their own homes and dungeons using the building block structure seen, in a Minecraft-esque style.


MapleStory 2 will enter closed beta in South Korea later this year, with a worldwide release also planned.