March And Destroy! Girl’s Tank Battalion Is What Happens If Girls Und Panzer Fought Aliens


March And Destroy! Girl’s Tank Battalion is a new mobile game where female tank drivers square off against gigantic alien monsters. It also does the most remarkable version of… well that would be spoiling. Check out the trailer above.

Now, we’re not sure why the tank pilots are dressed in all sorts of completely inappropriate gear for piloting duties. But that probably isn’t really their concern while fighting off the alien menace. The aliens will come in all shapes and forms, from gigantic squids to plants and more.

You’ll need to pick up tanks to use in battle. You can adjust your tank formation before battle for your own personal preferences, with different tanks capable of different damage types and durability. Some can even heal other tanks mid-battle. During loading screens you’ll get to see those cute chibi versions of the girls and their tanks.

While the tanks are taken from real-world counterparts, it’s also important to pay attention to the pilots you’ll recruit.

Each girl will have their own relationship level with you that you’ll have to build. As the above screenshot shows, they’ll be able to evolve into better forms. But if they take too much damage during a fight, the girls will also get their clothing torn up and dirtied.

March and Destroy! Girl’s Tank Battalion is out now on iOS.