Mario Kart Tour Readies For Winter Tour With A News Video


Mario Kart Tour is wrapping  up the Paris Tour and we got a look at what’s next with the “Winter Tour” in a new Mario Kart Tour News video from Nintendo.

The Winter Tour features additional courses including DK Pass. Changes coming in a racing control update allows players to steer and drift effectively, regardless of drift settings. Steer by swiping across the screen and drift at the tap of a button, or vice-versa.

The Winter Tour also comes with three new drivers, with Mario (Santa) arriving today with a Fire Flower special, followed by Pink Gold Peach with a Coin Box special December 4, and Black Shy Guy with a Bob-omb Cannon special skill on December 18, 2019. Other additions include more karts and gliders.

Mario Kart Tour is currently available for iOS and Android.

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