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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Website Offers A Closer Look At Villainous Quips



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The Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam website has opened ahead of the game’s January launch. While only a placeholder at the moment, the preliminary page offers new screenshots, an embedded video showing some battles and minigames, and additional information about the game.


The video and screenshots both introduce some additional elements of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam players will experience. For example, New Super Mario Bros. U’s Nabbit makes his Mario RPG debut in this installment, with players tasked with catching him in some events. There is also a dancing minigame, where players must keep time with the giant, papercraft Mario to power-up and unleash attacks against larger than average enemies. It also gives a taste of the series’ returning humor, with some clever comments from both Bowsers and a goomba.


screenshot-07 screenshot-08 Untitled screenshot-01 screenshot-03 screenshot-04 screenshot-05 screenshot-06


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is both a successor to Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It will come to the Nintendo 3DS on January 22. It is immediately available in both Japan and Europe.

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