Mario Parody Kill The Plumber Is Coming To Steam On January 1st


“Reverse platformer” Kill The Plumber will be coming out on Steam on January 1st 2016.


It was previously rejected for publication on the App Store by Apple as it was deemed to similar to Super Mario Bros. and didn’t have any approval (or association) from Nintendo.


The idea is that you play the enemies of a platforming plumber (i.e. Mario) and have to kill him as he tries to beat each level. These enemies resemble Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Thwomps, as well as bosses and each have their own way to kill the plumber, adding a puzzle element.


While the design of the plumber has changed slightly since this incident with Apple, the resemblance to Mario hasn’t been a problem for the game’s Steam release, at least not yet. There are also new heroes to kill in the game including one that resembles Solid Snake (in a cardboard box) and Gordon Freeman.


Also, due to these recently-made visual redesigns, the developers of the game are going to resubmit the game to Apple in hopes of it getting on the App Store once again.

Chris Priestman