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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’s Latest Update Adds Gameplay Tips




Ubisoft has been releasing updates for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle after launch that have added new elements, like the versus multiplayer, and adjusted the game to make it work better. The latest update is designed to help people who may be having issues with it as they play with an array of tips that pop up at appropriate times.


These tips will appear at appropriate times within Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. When the game is loading, the loading screen will now offer advice that can be scrolled through by pressing left or right. An example given in a screenshot says, “Boomshot and secondary weapons can hit multiple enemies with a single shot – just beware any friendly fire!” If someone’s party falls in battle, Game Over tips tailored specifically to that fight will appear to offer suggestions that might help someone succeed on the second (or third) try.


The Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Preparation Phase will be improved after this match. Previously, the before battle screen would allow you to prepare for battle or fight. After the update, it will be possible to visit the Battle HQ to adjust your team selection, weapon selection, and visit the skill tree.


Two World 2 battles in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be rebalanced after the patch is applied. World 2-2 Battle 1 and World 2-4 Battle 1 received tweaks, as Ubisoft said, “Two battles are now easier as they represented a difficulty spike in the overall difficulty curve.”


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is available for the Nintendo Switch.

Jenni Lada
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