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Mario Tennis Aces Releases On June 22 With A Pre-Launch Online Tournament


Mario Tennis Aces

During the Nintendo Direct presentation today, we got an extensive look at some gameplay footage for Mario Tennis Aces, which also got a release date of June 22 along with a pre-launch online tournament.


Mario Tennis Aces has over 15 characters with their own distinct characteristics and different ways to play using the Nintendo Switch. The trailer covers basic shots, the all-new “Zone Shot” that lets you pin point any spot you want to aim at using motion controls. We also get to see some more features for Zone with the Zone Block and Zone Speed that will come in handy but not something you’ll get to spam. We also get to see the risky “Trick Shot” maneuvers that might be tricky to handle but can be of great help if you pull it off.


The trailer shows off the “Special Shot” that is powerful enough to hit the enemy’s racket off their hands, but it doesn’t guarantee a free point as it can also be blocked.


Mario Tennis Aces’ online multiplayer will let you play with far away friends for up to 4P multiplayer. There will also be online tournaments to compete against other players. Participating in these online tournaments will reward you with special in-game outfits and additional characters.


“Swing Mode” will let you use the Joy-Con motion control to play the game in a different way that will have your body moving.


Mario Tennis Aces releases on June 22, 2018 for Nintendo Switch. As we approach the release date, Nintendo will have a pre-launch online tournament where you can experience 1v1 online tournaments before its release. More details will be announced on a later date.

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