Marry Femme Fatales To Save The World In Level-5’s New Slot Machine Girlfriend RPG



While Level-5 have their share of quirky games, their iOS and Android RPG where you use pachinko and slot machine features to help fund a special force of mercenary women might be one of their most unusual games. Now, the femme fatales are taking the fight to outer space in the new version introduced during the Level-5 Vision press conference.



In Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend Z: Great Space War, the female mercenaries continue fighting the mysterious beings who took over the planet and have continuously taken the lives of many. While the Earth appears to be in ruins, the unknown enemies are determined to completely wipe out any sign of life that remains. This is where the girlfriends unite to save what little is left of our home planet.


The previous game featured various women who lived normal lives with regular jobs before fighting in wars as female mercenaries. This time, it appears as though they’ve recruited more girls, who you can also make fall in love with you, and marry them to help out their fight… though we’re still not sure how marrying the B-rank girlfriends will help in the Great Space War.


Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend Z: Great Space War is currently being developed for iOS and Android devices.

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