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Martial Arts MMO King Of Wushu Launched Alongside PS4 In China



Snail Games has released the first alpha edition of its martial arts MOBA King of Wushu in China for PlayStation 4.


As it’s not currently finished, it only features a single 5v5 battle map called “Glorious Peak,” and nine playable heroes (divided into Dark and Light Factions) with five different playable classes. Those who purchase King of Wushu will get all future updates with new maps and characters for free.


It’s played from a third-person perspective and sees you battling against other players using fast-paced kung fu skills – dodging, jumping, aerial maneuvers, and chaining up combos against each other. The character roster features Daoist knights, dragon warriors, shaolin monks, witches, shamans, assassins, snake charmers, and many more Eastern-style fighters.



As the PS4 wasn’t released in China until March 20th 2015 King of Wushu is actually one of the console’s launch titles in the country. The other five are Knack, Dynasty Warriors 8, Trials Fusion, Rayman Legends, and Mr. Pumpkin’s Adventure.


King of Wushu will also be coming to Xbox One and PC, as well as “mini-consoles” and mobile platforms. All players across all platforms will converge on a single game server.

Chris Priestman