Marvelous AQL’s “Console Quality” RPG Cross Horizon Is Back



Last year, Marvelous AQL released their “console quality” RPG for smartphones, Cross Horizon. It disappeared after awhile, but it’s back now from DeNA.



The full 3D action RPG game uses taps and slashes while adventuring to advance past monsters. You’ll also be able to lift your shield to defend against attacks for reduced damage. If in danger, you can also sic traps on enemies like a pit trap.


Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-24-59 Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-30-38

Players can join in online together to work together. It’ll be necessary in order to obtain the best armors and weapons within Cross Horizon’s world.


Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-32-44 Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-32-57

Characters are amnesiacs (If I had a dollar for every time we’ve had to write that cliché…) journeying to recover their memories, alongside Aurora the fairy. Both will have to work together and discover the true intentions of the, ah, Bandit King. If that sounds like a bit of a downer final boss, well, the game does promise that “not all RPGs have a happy ending…”


Cross Horizon is (back) out now on iOS and Android.