Marvelous Brings The Conquest Age To Smartphones


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Publisher MarvelousAQL has a subsidiary known as Marvelous Games, which has done work publishing mobile and social games. The latest of their titles is Conquest Age, an online iOS game from Singapore-based developers Daylight Studios.


The game’s developers devs have called it a fusion of East-meets-West gameplay, requiring players to actively respond to battles by, for example, holding on to the block button to fend off attacks.


Conquest Age is also a collaborative, game hiring AI mercenaries to strengthen your side, or take it online in co-operative play. If I’m reading this right, you’ll also be able to fuse your weapons and other equipment around together to strengthen them; and in what might be the first time I’ve heard, keep doing this for an unlimited number of times.


I have just one question, sirs: Is it possible, then, for my starting cutlass to become the most badass cutlass of +200, slayer of jackals, bane of wizards and a half dozen other suffixes of pointless-but-cool powers?


Correction: An earlier story said Conquest Age was playable offline, but the game is always on and not playable offline.



The whole point of running around waving your weapons though is to re-unite the fractured seven world-spanning regions of the Dracon (Not Dragon) peninsula before the old rulers of the land who we once unceremoniously kicked out come back to ravage us again. There are three classes to choose from at the start, each affecting the way you’ll fight and which sorts of weapons and gear you’ll prefer to use as well as their own talent trees as players level up.



Conquest Age is out now on iOS platforms.