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Marvelous’ New Game Is About Finding Fake “Real Life People”



Marvelous’ new adventure game, Net High, has been revealed in a preview for this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, and so far, it sounds like a strange title that involves an Internet user going around looking for “fake” people.


Let’s elaborate on that a little bit, since the premise sounds very strange. In Japan, there’s a term for those that are satisfied with their real lives (offline), called リア充 [Rea-Jyuu]. Let’s call them “IRL People” for the sake of covering this game.


You might know of some IRL People that are completely happy without ever feeling the need to connect to the Internet. Now, what if all IRL People were actually imposters in some way or form, with a much deeper secret as to why they don’t go online?


That’s basically the story of Marvelous’ upcoming title, Net High, where the freelancer protagonist who goes by “Mr. Me” will have to go around exposing the lies of these so-called IRL People, as they’ve been causing some kind of commotion as of late.


Exactly, why is Mr. Me going after these fake IRL People? And how will he fight against them? We’ll find out soon, once more information on Net High becomes available.


Net High is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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