Marvelous Reveals WACCA, A New 360° Touch Panel Rhythm Game


wacca 1


Marvelous recently revealed WACCA, a new arcade rhythm game that uses a circular touch panel as the controls. The game will feature various artists, such as HARDCORE TANO*C, REDALiCE, t+pazolite, and more. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)



The circular touch panel is called the Wacca Console, and can glow in different manners thanks to its LED light. As you might expect, you tap on the touch panel according to the correct timing to individual notes and slide notes. WACCA is meant to be immersive, using the large circle as a means to prevent distractions, and create a simple control scheme that even the average user to enjoy.


One of the biggest draws are the musicians supporting this game, including HARDCORE TANO*C, REDALiCE, t+pazolite, DJ Genki, and even more people. The music will also include those from Marvelous IPs, starting with songs from their 2.5D musicals.


Check out a gameplay video below:


WACCA is set to begin location testing in Japan on October 19, in Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama, and Aichi.

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