Marvelous Talks Traditional Story of Seasons, Troubles For An Unannounced Sexy Game



In addition to some talk on Rune Factory 5, Marvelous had a couple other tidbits to share during a financial results briefing, including talk about a traditional Story of Seasons and some trouble they ran into for a game that has yet to be announced. [Thanks, @mochi_wsj.]


First, regarding Bokujou Monogatari (Story of Seasons) Marvelous is considering a traditional release for consoles, as they currently have a spinoff in the works with Doraemon: Story of Seasons. Marvelous says that Bokujou Monogatari is an important IP to them, and another one they’d like to properly take their time to make.


Marvelous then talked about some trouble they ran into while working on a new game, “In the current state of affairs it is becoming increasingly difficult to make,” said a Marvelous representative about games with sexy elements.


The developers are working on an unannounced game that feature sexy elements, but they had to be removed. Moreover, the company says that it lowered the game’s sales forecast following the change.


Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki worked with Marvelous for 13 years before leaving the company due to the change in restrictions of depicting sexuality in games, so perhaps the unannounced title in question may have had his involvement in some level, considering some of the other titles he’s worked on. You can read more from Takaki in our previous report.

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