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Mary Skelter 2 Introduces Hikari, Mamoru and Several Returning Blood Maidens


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Mary Skelter 2 previously updated the official website with information on Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Thumbelina. This time, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Alice are in the spotlight, alongside two new characters named Mamoru and Hikari.


Cinderella (CV: Asami Imai):

cinderella 2


A Blood Maiden who went missing when Tsuu and the others were young. She thinks Tsuu and the others look different from how she remembers. Currently, she’s under suspicion for murder.


Red Riding Hood (CV: Rumi Okubo)

redhood 2


The first discovered Blood Maiden, who acts as the older sister to the rest of the Blood Maidens. She’s very lively but is sometimes insensitive.

She acts brashly, but Tsuu and Little Mermaid are able to get her to calm down. Red Riding Hood thinks that they’re just worrying too much. Either way, she manages to earn the respect of the Blood Maidens as a reliable sister figure.

Well, until a certain incident happened, that is…


Alice (CV: Sumire Uesaka)

alice 2


A young girl who was kept in the same isolation area as Jack. She’s saved from her fate by Tsuu and the others, but on the way back to the Liberated District, she turns Blood Skelter.


She treasures her bond with Jack, and treats Nightmare Jack normally, with love and care.


Mamoru (CV: Ryota Osaka)

mamoru 2


A young man who Tsuu and the others meet while lost in an underground cavern. He looks tough but is caring and grounded. Having helped Tsuu, Little Mermaid, and the others in their time of need, he’s a trusted companion of theirs.

Usually, he’s a guard or does odd jobs around the Liberated District of Hamelin, but he helps out the Blood Maidens behind the scenes.

He’s childhood friends with Hikari, and they constantly take jabs at each other.


Hikari (CV: Manami Numakura)

hikari 2


A young girl who Tsuu and the others meet alongside Mamoru. She’s a cheerful person who can easily lighten the mood of the others around her.

Usually, she’s working at the infirmary of the Liberated District, and she’s known to treat not just humans, but Marchen as well.


Mary Skelter 2 releases in Japan on June 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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