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Mary Skelter Finale Will Release in the West in Fall 2021

Mary Skelter Finale Release Date Western

During the New Game+ Expo broadcast, Idea Factory International announced Mary Skelter Finale will release for Western audiences in Fall 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. However, only a window of release was revealed with a more concrete release date to appear in the future.

Idea Factory International will handle the Western release of Mary Skelter Finale. The official Idea Factory International Twitter uploaded a trailer. The trailer features static character artwork set to music. You can check it out below.

Mary Skelter Finale released in Japan in November 2020. The title experienced numerous delays leading up to its release. Originally slated for August 2020, the Japanese release was pushed back twice. Developer Compile Heart never elaborated on the reason as to why the release date had been pushed back the second time.

Mary Skelter Finale is the final game in this dungeon-crawler series. The plot immediately begins after the events of Mary Skelter 2 and follows a cast of new and returning characters. The official English website provides a brief synopsis of Mary Skelter: Nightmare and Mary Skelter 2. This also includes a brief explanation of the world.

Mary Skelter Finale is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for Japanese audiences. A North American and European release is scheduled for Fall 2021.

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