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Masquerada Developers Turn To Kickstarter To Wrap up Final Stage Of Development



A Kickstarter campaign has begun to help fund the final stages of development for pausable tactical RPG Masquerada: Songs and Shadows.




Masquerada: Songs and Shadows’ developers, Witching Hour Studios, have just about reached the end of their publishing partnership with Ysbryd Games. This partnership kept them funded as the created the game, but will only last until the end of the month. Their partner is powerless to stop this at the moment despite the game being just about complete enough to ship, and so they have turned to Kickstarter.




This Kickstarter will ensure the developers are satisfied with the final product at launch, allowing them to do further balancing for all character and skill configurations. They also intend to continue tweaking the visuals to ensure they look even better than they do now.




Masquerada: Songs and Shadows throws players into a world of intrigue and magical masks as Cicero, exiled for crimes against the state, is brought back to solve a diplomat’s kidnapping. This will bring him into a grand conspiracy, one that can only be dealt with by tactical, pausable combat that pushes the player to carefully execute each of their abilities to defeat their enemies.

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