Massive, Bizarre Beasts Threaten The Hero Of Roguelike Shooter Straimium Immortaly



    Roguelike shooter Straimium Immortaly sends players to a hellish dungeon filled with strange, wriggling monsters, tasking them with finding the gear they need to survive against them.




    Players are out on a vengeful mission against Cubicus Queeni, which lurks in the depths of the procedurally-generated world. Players will use their jet pack to freely float around the world’s corridors, also utilizing a dash function to zip out of the way of enemy shots.




    The macabre halls hide new tools and weapons to help players against the sickening creatures that patrol the dungeon. Should they survive the small creatures, they’ll make it to the game’s bosses, many of which are nightmarish, screen-sized creatures that attack with their huge mass and array of shots and projectiles.




    Straimium Immortaly will have additional modes like boss rush, local co-op, daily challenges, and endless dungeon. It is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, but lists no release date on the campaign.

    Alistair Wong
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