hdance.jpgNamco Bandai announced Happy Dance Collection comes out in the fall. We have a more specific release date for the Wii remote dancing game, October 23 for Japan. In the game you can master moves to “Ikenai Taiyou”, “Pop Star”, and a handful of other J-Pop songs. Happy Dance Collection hasn’t been announced for any other region so if you want to be happy dancing with the remote you’re going to have to import.


Also on October 23 Namco Bandai plans to release Pro Golfer Saru, a Wii game based on the manga of the same name, in Japan too. This easy to play golfing game has motion control, special moves, and most importantly to fans of the manga, Sarumaru Sarutani. If you don’t recognize that name you probably won’t want to bother with Pro Golfer Saru. Aside from the license and concentration system the game doesn’t look much different from the glut of motion controlled golf games on the market.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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