May and Mudkip Will Join Pokemon Masters EX

May Mudkip Pokemon Masters

May and Mudkip will make their debut in Pokemon Masters EX soon. The official Twitter account released an announcement video, showcasing the pair, which included a peek at their Sync Move. Pokemon Masters EX players can expect May and Mudkip to arrive later tonight (January 13, 2021) at 10pm PST.

As you can see in the Sync Move video below, Mudkip can be evolved into Marshtomp and then eventually into Swampert. Upon its final evolution, users will have access to Mega Swampert when using its Sync Move, Muddy Water, in combat.

In addition, a special event will arrive sometime soon. The Team Hoenn Unite! solo event will allow users to collect medals and exchange them for rewards. One of these rewards includes 5★ Guaranteed Scout Tickets, which will allow players to scout for a 5★ characters that are currently part of the roster. This does not apply to special event pairs like Giovanni and Mewtwo.

One of the more recent additions to Pokemon Masters EX is the N and Zekrom Sync Pair. This special duo was available to scout for a limited time. Gloria, from Pokemon Sword and Shield was also recently added to the collection of Pokemon Masters EX characters. She arrived alongside the Legendary Pokemon Zacian.

Pokemon Masters EX is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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