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Mazm: Phantom of the Opera Announced for Switch and PC

Phantom of the Opera

CFK Co. Ltd. announced the development of MazM: Phantom of the Opera, which will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

MazM: Phantom of the Opera will be a mystery adventure game that presents a modern re-interpretation of the classic French novel by Gaston Leroux. Like the source material, the story will feature dramatic romance and thrilling horror. As a detective, the player will collect information on characters and historical trivia throughout the game in order to solve the mystery of the “Phantom of the Opera” incident. Mini-games will be available during the investigation process to keep players engaged.

The game will boast unique graphics based off the aesthetics of the Belle Epoque, as well as classical music that will immerse players in the environment. CFK Co. Ltd. also released early screenshots of the game.

This will be the third entry in the MazM: Classic series, which re-interprets famous stories and provides closure through alternate endings. Previous entries include MazM: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (which is available for Android and iOS) and MazM: Jekyll and Hyde (which is available for Android, iOS, and Steam).

The game will be playable in Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Russian, and Spanish. There is currently no release date announced for MazM: Phantom of the Opera.

Stephanie Liu
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