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Mean Wizards Unlock Chaos Mode In Soul Sacrifice, Merciful Wizards Get Holy Mode



Famitsu gave us a look at a critical choice you’ll be given in Soul Sacrifice. The PlayStation Vita game has situations which will determine if your sorcerer walks on the dark or light path. Both alignments have their own unique transformation abilities to go with it.


The two situational options given to you will be between save or sacrificing certain monsters upon killing them. If you go with the sacrifice option, it will raise your magic power level. On the other hand, choosing the save option will raise your ‘life force’ level. Whichever one you pick, you’ll gain new abilities and will also accordingly change in appearance. In return, you’ll lose EXP points of the other side.


Here’s a look at the transformations.


Chaos Mode

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Once you’ve reached the limit of your magic power level, you can transform into Chaos Mode. This fearsome transformation focuses on powering up the wizards to take on all monsters. Leveling up more will further change their appearance.


Holy Mode


Wizards that take their Life Force to an extreme level by continuously relieving monster can transform into Holy Mode. If you keep going along the path of saving monsters, the Holy Mode transformation will also change its form accordingly. Wizards in Holy Mode are a sign of forgiveness, but are their decisions truly an act of justice?


Both modes look powerful enough to handle even the toughest monsters. Which side will you pick?


All monsters of the monsters in Soul Sacrifice were once humans just like our wizard. Except monsters have been consumed by the darkness because of their sinful desires. They can either be sacrificed or saved and the choice is yours.




The Kraken is a monster with an appearance of a squid and octopus. This giant monster has eerie looking tentacles and what looks like a boat in its midsection. It makes you wonder what kind of desire could’ve caused that poor soul to transform into that!


Kraken uses swift tentacle attacks which can freely attack its surroundings. If you’re not careful, you could end up being blindsided by one of its tentacles.




The Slime monster isn’t your average weakling Slime we’ve grown accustomed to in other games. Not only in terms of power but it’s also quite the ugly monster. It uses its semi-liquid body to attack wizards. Its movements are considerably slow, but it can stretch for long reach and can also split apart to perform different types of attacks against its opponent. Underestimating this messy monster could mean trouble!


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release on April 30th in North America and May 1st in Europe.

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