Mecha Game Project Nimbus Is Fully Funded And Preparing For Takeoff



With just three days to go before the end of their Kickstarter, Thai developers KISS have reason to celebrate. Their flying giant mecha game, Project Nimbus, has not just hit its funding goal but blasted well past it with more than double what they’re asking for as of press time.


With over £13,000 pounds pledged, the game will now also come out for Mac, have in-game cutscenes, a sandbox mode, and a survival mode for those who want to put their beam saber skills to the test.


The game will also come with Oculus Rift support, but note this will remain in the third-person mode you can see in their videos—which you really should check out if you’re interested in just how promising the game is. Separately from that there will be a first-person HUD mode for players who want to increase their skill challenge by going at it like a real mecha pilot.


If the game manages to somehow find another $7,000 pounds before the end of its run, you’ll get Oculus Rift support within a first-person full cockpit view as well. That sounds pretty sweet.


Project Nimbus is on Kickstarter and will be available for PC and Mac.