Nintendo 3DS

Medabots 8 Trailer Shows Some Robattle Action And Customizations



Robot collecting RPG Medabots 8: Kabuto and Kuwagata for Nintendo 3DS will have players take on the role of Salt, a young detective who solves incidents involving Medabots. The game’s new trailer shares a look at his upcoming adventure and many Robattles to come.



The trailer starts out with a look at the protagonist Salt and his friends walking around town. It also shows off the two version exclusive Medabots partners, followed by friends who will help solve cases and the enemies that will get in the way of it.


At the 1:30 mark of the trailer, we get to see some Robattle action, which seems to retain some of its original features of being able to attack parts of enemy Medabots, but the latest game adds new 3-on-3 battles and countermeasures that can be picked for offense and defense.


The customization feature is shown off at 2:50. You can take parts from enemies after beating them, which can be used to enhance your Medabots. With 60 new Medabots, there’s over 200 of them in Medabots 8, so that’s quite a lot of potential mix-and-matching!


Medabots 8: Kabuto and Medabots 8: Kuwagata is slated for release in Japan on August 28, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS. First print copies also include the game’s original soundtrack.

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