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Medabots 9 Gets Its first New Main Medabots For The First Time In Four Titles


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Robot collecting, battling, and customizing series Medabots is getting their latest title with Medabots 9: Kabuto and Kuwagata version by Rocket Company, and they’ve revealed the main Medabots for the games. Inside Games shares a closer look.


The above is a look at the “newer” versions of Metabee and Rokusho, with “Zipper” and “Souen,” two new main Medabots that will be used by the protagonist.


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Zipper is a shooter-type Medabot that fights using a pair of Gatling guns attached to its arms, and Souen is a melee-type that uses a katana in combat. It was also revealed that the recent teaser trailer for Medabots 9 was actually shown in Zipper’s perspective. Meaning it’ll go up against Metabee and Rokusho in some way or another.


Medabots 9 will release in Japan on December 24, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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