Medabots 9 Trailer Shows Off Its New “Robattle” Action

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Medabots 9’s latest trailer gives us a look at the latest Robattle action, which includes some new features that will be introduced in the newest installment of the series.


The video starts out with a Robattle explanation, on how it’s done through 3v3 battles with the winner being decided after one takes out the rival’s leader Medabot. The trick is that you won’t know which one of the three Medabots are the leaders, so there are some strategic elements behind the party setups.


Leader Medabots have access to special sub-skills that can turn the tides in a battle, but keep in mind that these do “expose” which ones are your leader units. For example, the main Medabot unit Souen from the Kuwagata version has an ability that hits all parts of the enemy. Meanwhile, Zipper from the Kabuto version has the super useful aiming ability, which allows him to aim for specific parts.


While it may be risky to use these sub-skills, it can come in handy when you want to finish the fight, or if the opponent already discovers your leader. There are various other sub-skills as well.


After winning a Robattle, you’ll get to pick three parts from the opponent to keep. You can also collect parts via local connectivity and StreetPass.


Finally, Medabots 9 adds a whole new dimension to the Robattle with the new “Trance Parts.” You can exchange any part of a Medabot once per battle to a Trance Part, which can be used to bring in some extra damage or support when needed.


Medabots 9 will release in Japan on December 24, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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