Nintendo 3DS

Medabots Classics’ First Trailer Is Packed With Nostalgic Battles And Customization



The Medabots series is getting a nostalgic collection that brings the first five titles to Nintendo 3DS in Medabots Classics. Here’s a look at the collection’s first trailer showing all of its classic titles.


Medabots Classics features Medabots, Medabots 2, Medabots 3, Medabots 4, and Medabots 5. It comes with a new feature that lets you have all parts acquired from the start, as well as mythical parts you can’t get from the main story, after beating the game.


A new “Medalbum” feature lets you check out all the parts you’ve collected. The “Forced Robattle Skip” lets you escape battles from weaker enemies. The game also offers local multiplayer for battles and trading.


Medabots Collections releases in Japan on December 21, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS. The 20th Anniversary Edition comes with both Kabuto & Kuwagata versions of Medabots Classics along with a soundtrack CD and a book containing 520 illustrations.

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