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Medabots: Girls Mission Has Its Own Costume Break System


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Medabots: Girls Mission is the series’ first CERO C rating, and Rocket Company’s latest info on the game shows us that it also has a new costume-destruction system.



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By filling up your special attack meter, you can perform the “Medaforce” attack. In Medabots: Girls Mission, you can do a “Medaforce Burst” by filling it up to 200%. Additionally, while performing the finishing blow with it, a special command window appears.


By successfully inputting the command on time, you can perform a “Hyper Finish” that blows away the clothes of the opponent. Each girl and Medabot have their own special scenes for this feature.



The “Ogre Maxim” is a feature that vastly increases a Medabot’s capabilities. This can be used once per Robattle, and the lower the points for parts are, the more effective and longer the effects of it becomes.


The Ogre Maxim increases parts abilities, shortens cooldown time of the parts, and also incerases the Medaforce Gauge. Using this system can turn the tables of the battle.


Medabots: Girls Mission Kabuto and Kuwagata will release in Japan on March 10, 2016.

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